A Picturesque Retreat

Dudleigh, at 22 Blakely Road Castlemaine, is one of those come hither houses that beckon and call you to make it home. The makers of ‘Who Has Been Sleeping In My House’ would have a field day researching the expansive number of people, from diverse walks of life, who have called this home since it was first built in 1886. Dudleigh has housed a hotelier, orchardist, grocer, dairyman and more recently an interior designer who leaves, amongst many tasteful renovations, vibrant flourishes of exuberant, feature wall paper – some imported from Scotland.

Francis Beddard, better known for his association with hotels than as a vigneron originally owned this property which was known locally as Dudleigh Vineyard. The Royal Hotel was one of the hotels which Francis Beddard owned and he sold local wine, or colonial wine as it was know, at this hotel. Twenty acres of the original property was devoted to vines.

Today the original homestead sits comfortably on an acre of the original land. The view from the front gate, looking up towards the house is breathtaking, but equally, views from the return verandah, especially in Spring and Autumn, have a real wow factor.

With such a spacious home, gorgeous return verandahs and an expansive garden this has been the ideal place to raise a family.

One comment on “A Picturesque Retreat

  1. What a beautiful home. The above mentioned Grocer who lived there was my Great Grandfather William Baldwin.

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