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Dudleigh – A Pretty Spot

We yesterday visited one of the prettiest spots for a private residence near this town. Our readers are probably aware that Mr. Beddard of the Royal  Hotel, was one of the few in this district who took up twenty acres under Mr. Brookes’ Occupation licenses. An enterprising man would probably have declared the ground almost useless, either for agricultural or horticultural purposes. Yet, Mr. Beddard with characteristic enterprise has laid out about one thousand three hundred pounds on the twenty acres and the result is, that what was twelve months ago, a bush wilderness, will speedily ‘blossom like the rose.’

Trenching, manuring, draining, clearing etc, have been vigorously carried on, so that the ground is fairly under cultivation. The vine, the strawberry, and various other fruits will speedily be amply supplied, also flowers, vegetables etc. in great variety.

Poultry and pigs are reared in abundance and a rabbit warren is being formed in one part of the ground. The nucleus of a capital family residence has already been built, and at the time of our visit a number of workmen were busily employed in erecting a substantial stable and a coach-house.

A well has been sunk, which yields a substantial supply of excellent water. Altogether, the tasteful and enterprising manner in which the ground has been laid out reflects credit on the proprietor, who evidently has an artist’s eye in selecting the spot which commands a wide and pleasing  view of the pretty scenery of Barkers Creek, while Mount Alexander rears its giant form to the north ward.

from R Bradfield


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